Western Union

Western Union

Indians living abroad may send money to their family members living in India through International Money Transfer Services. For this purpose, Western Union Money Transfer Services Inc, USA is the world leader in providing fastest, safest and reliable money transfer services. Western Union has been in existence since 1871 and is a fortune 500 multinational company with corpus of over USD 5 Billion, presence in more than 200 countries with more than 4,00,000 locations in its fold.

Over the years Simply Money Services Private Ltd. has emerged as a strong Sub-Agent of Western Union in India and is gaining more and more strength in terms of service with every passing day. So, if you intend to send money to someone in India then make sure, you do it through Western Union Money Transfer to Simply Money for disbursement.

SAFE: A person in India can receive money in just minutes after his sender has sent money from Abroad. Each transaction is electronically remitted through Western Union central server and is generated through a software which is absolutely safe and easy to use. Robust security features are inbuilt. The documentation and payment process has been designed in a way to ensure that the payment is made only to the actual receiver.

EASY: For receiving money in India a customer has to fill up a very simple form which is called To Receive Money (TRM) Form. This form contains basic information relating to the transaction like MTCN no., name of the receiver, name of the sender, amount, country etc. which any person having elementary education can also fill up. Otherwise, our Front Office Executive can also help the customer to fill up the TRM. Further, to receive money, a person do not need to open a bank account if his transaction is less than Rs. 50,000/-. Payment in those cases is made in cash. The Receiver will be required to present a proper  photo identification for any transaction and will be paid immediately. This way Simply Money and Western Union are much more convenient than any Bank.

LEGAL: Money Transfer services in India are being provided by Simply Money in association with Western Union as per the license issued by Reserve Bank of India. The conditions prescribed by RBI in this regard are strictly adhered to by the Company and its entire network all Anti Money Laundering laws, KYC norms and other regulations are duly complied with.

Produce any one of the following valid photo identity:
IDs acceptable for transactions:


IDENTITY PROOF BEARING PHOTO: Legal name and any other names used

1. Valid Passport
2. PAN card
3. Voter’s Identity Card
4. Valid Driving licence
5. Identity card (eg. Central Govt / State Govt employee id card, employee id of Armed forces/ Paramilitary forces, Employee id of RBI/SEBI,TRAI,IRDA).
6. Letter from a recognized public authority or public servant verifying the identity and residence of the customer.


PROOF OF ADDRESS: Correct permanent address. (To be obtained where id Proof does not contain address)

1. Telephone bill
2. Bank account statement
3. Letter from any recognized public authority
4. Electricity bill
5. Ration card
6. Letter from employer (i.e. Govt. Depts., Public Sector Corporations, Banks & well known Companies).


1. Valid Passport with Valid Visa
2. Valid Refugee Cards